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On Sustainability

The jewellery industry isn't known for being ethical. Since we started out, one of the most motivating elements for us has been actively choosing to do the right thing. We hope to be an example to other brands that it's possible to make sustainable choices from day one.

Our priorities are based on materials, planet, people & process.


Recycled Silver

We cast in sterling silver recycled from the jewellery, giftware, medical and electronic industries.

Fairmined Gold

We cast in Fairmined Eco Gold. There are currently only 2 mines in the world that offer this type of gold. Unlike other gold, this is extracted without the use of any toxic chemicals. Find out why we believe this is more ethical than recycled gold in our blog post here!

Secondhand Stones

We source all gemstones from charity shops, flea markets, and secondhand marketplaces. We then have them cut to size by a local stone cutter. The reason we opt to do this is that sourcing ethical stones is difficult, in part because there are no established bodies tracing gemstones from mine to market. More info on this on our wonky flower blog post here.


- Since we started, we have given 10% of profits to charities. We pledged to do this via Giving What We Can.

- All our packaging is recyclable. We use branded Fairtrade cotton pouches as a way for you to safely store your jewellery to keep it in great condition.

- We have a climate positive workforce via our partnership with Ecologi. On our behalf, they fund climate projects and plant trees.

Check out our progress with ecologi

People & Process

- We are proud to produce all our jewellery from start to finish in England

- Our small team works a 30 hour week

- We are happy to be able to pay above the Living Wage

Our aim is to ensure that every piece we make is as sustainable as possible. We’re by no means perfect. One area we have yet to find a solution for is finding recycled sterling silver chains.

We hope that by making everything in England using materials like recycled silver and Fairmined Eco gold, we can be the ethical alternative for jewellery lovers.

ideas on how we can improve? contact us here


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